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About Jerri

Certified Postural Alignment Therapist
From the Egoscue
® Institute

In l981, I began teaching Aerobics in Buffalo, N.Y. One year later I was creating weight programs for gym members. In 1991, I became certified in Aquatic Exercise Association, Aerobics & Fitness Association of America & completed the Advanced Instructor Training Course by Cooper Workout and became an independent personal trainer.
In 2002, I started getting tightness under my left scapula and a short time later it became a constant pain. I tried everything to get out of pain. Nothing was working. A year later, a friend gave me Pete Egoscue’s book “The Egoscue Method of Health Thru Motion”. I tried one of his menus for my hip position and felt much better.
In 2004, I began my training at the Egoscue Institute in Del Mar, California and became a certified ‘Postural Alignment Specialist’ utilizing the ‘Egoscue Method” in 2005.
As a personal trainer, it’s my job to make people look and feel better. When my back started hurting eight years ago, I spent a lot of time trying different approaches to get out of pain. The Egoscue Method is by far the best thing I’ve ever found. My goal is to get people pain free.
I have a clinic ‘Pain Free with Jerri’ in Tyler, Texas.

Esoscue® Credentials

  • October 2005 Postural Alignment Specialist 1


  • April 2006 Postural Alignment Specialist 2


  • Recertified Postural Alignment Specialist 2


  • TRX Certified


  • Kauai 2007 Summer Retreat with David Smith-Egoscue Clinic Director in San Francisco


  • Mentored under Rick Mathis-Egoscue Clinic Director in Austin, Texas, Tim George-Egoscue Clinic Director in San Diego, California and trained at The Egoscue® Clinic in Del Mar, California

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My Approach
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